21 - 23 November, 2017 | Auckland New Zealand

Anita Potgieter

Manager of Global Facilities and Workplace Strategy

Conference Day One: Tuesday, 21st November 2017

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

2:10 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: How will Co Working Revolutionize Work and Impact Corporate Workplace Strategy?

There are currently upwards of 40 co-working and collaborative workspaces in New Zealand, including incubators & accelerators. Co-working spaces benefit an increasingly mobile workforce, create diverse communities of workers and integrate exciting designs and technologies that allow for an exciting new work experience. In this session you will hear from experts in this space who will discuss how you can leverage – and integrate – co-working sensibilities in your organisation.

  • How co-working spaces provide an environment that is responsive to the professional needs and stylistic preferences of todays mobile workplaces
  • Will increasing flexible working arrangements and mobile styles of working mean that some organizations will share their "core space" with other like minded organizations?
  • Will coworking spaces eventually replace workplaces for smaller organizations due to their cost and space utilization benefits
  • How the corporate workspace is changing and the potential for larger companies to put their people in co-working spaces to allow them to leverage off agile and innovative thinkers

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 22nd November 2017

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

9:40 AM CASE STUDY: ‘One Fonterra’: How An Organisation Unified Space and Culture For 22,000 Employees Across the Globe

Over a year and a half ago, Fonterra’s vision was to bring several Auckland offices (with 4500 people!) into one purpose built building embarking on a new way of working under the banner 'One Fonterra'. Before they ever drew one line on paper, they asked themselves a lot of hard questions. What does property need to look like?
What about technology? What about behaviors? What does time and place mean for us? What does ‘paper independence’ mean for us? Now, Fonterra is in the midst of doing their post occupancy results to gather data to inform decisions for new buildings and strategy.

In this session, Anita will explore:
  • Ensuring a standardized workplace offering that feels like home for employees across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and USA
  • Creating a space that facilitates and inspires leadership, trust and mobility to maximize performance
  • Lessons learnt from their activity base working (ABW) journey and their predictions for the workplace of the future

Workshops & Site Tour: Thursday, 23rd November 2017

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

3:00 PM

An interactive site visit involving a guided tour of the newly updated agile workplace environment and interactive discussion with workplace strategy leaders.

The site leader will discuss:
  • The reason for transitioning to an agile working environment
  • The main barriers that needed to be overcome
  • How they transitioned staff to this new work style
  • The key steps to ensure the new way of working sticks
  • What benefits they are finding following the transition

You will learn first hand:
  • How to effectively analyse your company culture before transitioning into agile workplaces to create a clear roadmap and outcome
  • Discovering and integrating suitable amenities and technologies that align with company culture
  • Tackling the difference and splits in culture towards ABW and how to create a workplace that facilitates different working styles to benefit the productivity of the organisation
  • Maximising opportunities for cohabitation, shared space and co-location to create open communication and collaboration that will influence an effective support system


Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Anita.

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